Souls of Charon

by Relentless

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Mike Ducey
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Mike Ducey Doom Metal Perfection PERIOD. Favorite track: Souls of Charon.
paul rote
paul rote thumbnail
paul rote This goes to show you how all these young ladies in these FFOBR bands won me over. Here's a great traditional doom band I passed on because of female vocals. The great FFOBR movement is Snow White ,a sleeping beauty !! Relentless is one of the early bands in this movement !
THEY ARE GREAT !!! Favorite track: Souls of Charon.
Werner thumbnail
Werner Alert Alert! Trouble is not the only band from Chicago who is delivering the goods,In my book this is pure classic DOOM...(Thanks Mr.Doomfynder for digging this up for me:-)) Favorite track: Forever Damned.
Roland Don Doom
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Roland Don Doom Newcomer album of the year 2013!
Awesome Doom Metal!!! \m/
My favorite track: the whole album!
Can´t stop listening to this Masterpiece!!
Hope there will be a heavyweight vinyl release soon....
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released November 3, 2013

Carlee Jackson - Vocals
Tim Pearson - Lead Guitar
Justin Clark - Rhythm Guitar
John Usher - Bass
Dan Klein - Drums

Recorded at Arcane Audio in Chicago, Il
Artwork by Erik Pertl


tags: metal Chicago


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Do or Die Records Chicago, Illinois

Do Or Die Records is an underground heavy metal label/distro based out of Chicago, Il.

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Track Name: Trapped Underground
Wake up my dear
It's that time again
Accept your fate that you are doomed
Never again to leave this room

Your pain is my pleasure
Pleasure is all mine
Tonight's a new beginning
Of your time with me

I don't want to hurt you
But I will if I have to
We only live once, so why should we hide
We must embrace our inner desires

No goodbyes for the ones you love
There is no god in the sky above
No one to hear your desperate screams
Trapped underground, you'll never leave

And now it's just you and me
My twisted plan is near complete
You are the end to the means
Trapped underground, you'll never leave

One mistake and they will find
The dreams I sought my whole life
They'll never take me alive
Dead from a dose of cianide

I'll come back from the grave
Haunt your dreams, drive you insane
When you try to sleep at night
You'll start to wish you died that night
Track Name: Better Off Dead
Watch your thoughts, for they become words
Watch your words, they become actions
Watch your actions, they become habits
Watch your habits, they'll take control over you

Somewhere deep in the back of your mind
Lies the thought that you try to hide
When you do those things you do
What runs through your mind
No one to blame except yourself
It's much too late can't you tell
The voices that are in your head
Are probably right you'd be better off dead

Better off Dead

I think it'd be best
If you cut your life short
No one will care
And no one will mourn

No one will mourn for you

Thoughts and thoughts
Destroying my brain
Becoming more disturbed
Day after day

Many times it has been said
That we'd be better off dead
But let me tell you something
We will stop at nothing
Relentless we will be until the very end
Track Name: United by Darkness
I don't know why I feel this way
Many times, I've heard it call my name
I know you know that you've felt the same
But you're too weak to do the same

Look in the eyes of the reaper
Tell me what you see
Look in the eyes of the reaper
He's watching you and me

There are forces that are in this world
Beyond our comprehension, but soon we will learn
Dark entities that we cannot see
Bringing scum together like you and me
Like you and me

Embrace your hatred
And free your mind
Join our forces
United by Darkness

He's watching over you and me
Giving us all that we need
Forget what you think you may know
It won't mean much when life unfolds

Here we are today
We come from different paths
But we're sinners all the same
Off to hell we go
Track Name: Final Wishes
Throughout the years, you have failed
Living your life aimlessly

And now I ask you
Just who do you think you're trying to please
All those stories
What do they mean
What you do from day to day
Will always remain the same

You wake up and go to work
Make your plans for a better life
A better life
Can't you realize
The only solution
The only solution is to end your life

You have no future
You have no past
So let yourself go and free your soul
Escape this void and leave this world
Track Name: Forever Damned
Strayed from the beaten path
There's only one more chance
And if we fail again
Forever we'll be damned

And on we go on the very same road
We told ourselves we'd never go
Lost, abandoned and chilled to the bone
It was then we knew
Forever we'd be damned

Take my hand and follow me
We'll leave this place of misery
We'll escape insanity
Forever Damned

Oh when you grow old
You'll understand all you've been told
The deed has been done, so let it be known
It's time to reap what you have sewn

If I could turn back time
I wouldn't have lost my sight
If I could turn back time
I wouldn't have lost my mind

If I could turn back time 4x

I wouldn't have crossed the line
If I could turn back time
I wouldn't have crossed the line
If I could turn back time

If I could turn back time 4x

Blinded by the sun
What have I become
Nowhere left to run
If could turn back time
I wouldn't be so damned
Track Name: Souls of Charon
It was in our sights
But we could no pass
If only we could rest at last
We are the poor, who could not afford
The final toll of this world

What we've earned
And what we've given
Was never enough to please his vision
What we had and what we're worth
Was spent on the dreams we sought for warmth

Stand up and fight him
Fight him with all that you've got
Listen to their perilous cheers
You must not them all down
Stand up and fight him
Fight him with all that you've got
The odds are against you
This is your only shot

Trapped for eternity
Souls of Charon
This place is your destiny
Souls of Charon

We are the souls of charon
Forever we'll carry on